What's a bath salt fizz? Simple. Think 'bath bomb in a bottle.'


Our goal is to provide you with a nourishing, detoxing and moisturizing bath as you pamper yourself with natural skin 'superfoods' such as shea butter, sea salt, epsom salt, essential oils, etc. Each ingredient HAS A PURPOSE to promote mind/body healing.


Scents include:


  • 'Inspire' Coconut+Lemongrass | BEST SELLING SCENT! Lemongrass is said to be the oil of energetic cleansing. Lemongrass oil is also said to boost self esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength. Combine all this with the coconut and you will feel inspired to take on the world!
  • 'Sleepy' Lavender+Vanilla | Nothing will give you a better nights sleep then the calming combination of lavender and vanilla. Enjoy the relaxing and calming effect on your body & mind from anxiety and restlessness.
  • 'Relax' Eucalyptus+Spearmint | Unwind after a long day with the healing combination of eucalyptus and spearmint. This stimulating combination will aide in clearing the mind and lifting your spirits.
  • 'Energize' Grapefruit | Awake the senses with the zesty freshness of grapefruit. This lively blend is a fresh way to uplift your body and mind and stimulate a cheery attitude.
  • 'Flirty' Sweet+Spirited Blossom | Evoke your sensuality with these energizing top notes of juicy mandarin, cucumber and white freesia combined gardenia, red rose, water lily and jasmine. Depth in this wonderful bomb is then enhanced with warm, sweet base notes of vanilla wrapped in sandalwood.
  • 'Passion' Vanilla+Patchouli - OUT OF STOCK


Each bath salt fizz is packaged in a clear 8oz tube with white cap.



Choose Scent:
  • Sprinkle desired amount of bath fizz into warm bath. Our bath fizz will dissolve releasing wonderful aromas, moisturizing oils and detoxing ingredients.

    • baking soda | neutralizes skin acidity, promotes elimination of toxins and helps refresh, renew and soften your dry skin
    • citric acid | naturally occurring antioxidant (it's also what makes the 'fizz' in the bath bombs when combined with baking soda)
    • epsom salt | helps soothe muscle pain, tension and inflammation of joints
    • sea salt | absorbs toxins from your skin and a natural exfoliator
    • corn starch | soothes and relives dry & itchy skin
    • shea butter | 'super food' for protecting, strengthening and moisturizing your skin
    • sunflower oil | rich in vitamin E that helps regenerate skin cells and neutralize free radicals
    • essential, natural and/or fragrance oils | provides aromatherapy benefits for the body & mind
    • colorant | skin safe

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