Okay, let's face the facts.  Nobody likes to talk about the 'bathroom' . . . but we all gotta go, am I right?  Help save embarrassing situations (and odors) with our 'No. 2' discreet toilet spray.


Perfect for:


  • Guest Bathrooms - nothing is worse than having to 'go' at somebody else's home.  Save them the embarrassment by providing a 'discreet' way to get out of the situation smelling fresh! Perfect for all those holiday guests.
  • Newly Dating/Married Couples - whether you're dating (because dating is awkward enough!) or newly married, the 'bathroom situation' is always an issue.  Save your relationships now and make things 'discreet.'
  • Work Restrooms - we all know when that one guy/girl goes to the bathroom with the newspaper we will need to wait a while to go in.  Help a co-worker out by providing our 'No.2' spray next to each toilet.  A happy workplace is a productive workplace!
  • Hotel Restrooms - hotels are close quarters with little room to escape.  Enough said.  



  • Lemongrass+Orange+Eucalyptus
  • Lavender+Peppermint+Orange
  • Spearmint+Citrus


Our No. 2 Toilet Spray is also 100% natural.  So completely safe to flush.  Believe me, the chemicals in your cleaning supplies are way worse than this!

2 oz glass amber bottle with black sprayer.


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